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Community suffers great loss

By Carrie A. Mizell
First responders were horrified last week to discover that a Bell man shot and killed his daughter and six young grandchildren, before turning the gun on himself.
Don Spirit, 51, reportedly called 911 around 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 18 and told a dispatcher that he had killed his family members and would kill himself. Officers rushed to the scene, but it was too late. Don Spirit shot himself in front of the first officer to arrive at his home, which is located at 2550 NW 29th Terrace, Bell.

The body of Spirit’s daughter, Sarah Spirit, 28, and her children: Kaleb Kuhlmann, 11, Kylie Kuhlmann, 9, Johnathon Kuhlmann, 8, Destiny Stewart, 5, Brandon Stewart, 4, and Alanna Stewart, 3 months, were found.

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The Trenton High School Alumni Reunion will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, at Trenton Elementary School from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Everyone is invited!

Geiger is Cattleman of the Year

By Cindy Jo Ayers
Bart Geiger was named Gilchrist County Cattleman of the Year on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at a dinner held at Otter Springs.

John Rance Thomas presented a plaque to Bart Geiger and his family at the Cattleman’s Dinner last week. Pictured from left, John Rance Thomas, Shelby Geiger, Madison Geiger, Gina Geiger and Bart Geiger. The Geiger’s also have a daughter Katie, who is not pictured.

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Fanning Springs mayor seeks re-election

My name is Cheryl Nekola, and I have lived in Fanning Springs for 25 years. I have three children and eight grandchildren. We are a close family with Christian values.
I have served as Mayor of Fanning Springs for the last eight years and have served on the Fanning Springs City Council for seventeen years. I am committed to our city.
My vision is to see our city grow, prosper, and become a thriving, self-sustaining community. My goal is to provide opportunities for growth by encouraging businesses to locate in Fanning Springs which would make good paying jobs available to local folks.
The City of Fanning Springs is a member of the Nature Coast Regional Water Authority, CARES (an agricultural organization) and many others. I attend many meetings on behalf of the City, and I have traveled to Tallahassee and Washington promoting the interests of Fanning Springs.
I have been dependable, reliable and have demonstrated that I can and will get the work done. Most residents know who I am and where I stand on issues, however, I welcome input from all concerned citizens. I am accessible to everyone. My experience, contacts and commitment to Fanning Springs make me an excellent choice for mayor. Thank you for your support. We have been incredibly successful; so let’s keep going.
Vote Cheryl Nekola, October 7 for Mayor of City of Fanning Springs.

Lancaster runs for Fanning Springs mayor

As the October 7th primary election quickly approaches, I, Howell “Trip” Lancaster, would like to announce my candidacy for the Mayor of Fanning Springs. While living in Fanning Springs for the last several years, I have recognized the need for leadership for the growth of our community.
We have the opportunity to become the center for Ecotourism for the Tri-County area with our wonderful natural resources of the crystal clear spring of Fanning Springs itself, as well as the Suwannee River. This would provide good, environmentally clean jobs that our community so desperately needs. We can also become the natural hub for those who enjoy the Greenway Trail that converges in our town before spreading to the rest of the Tri-County area. With this growth, we can expand our tax base as well as attract other clean industries and services that our citizens’ want and need.
As a resident of either Gilchrist or Levy County for all but six years of my life, I have a deep love for this city and neighboring areas. I am raising my family here. I will work hand in hand with the Gilchrist and Levy County governments to ensure that we work together to see Fanning Springs blossom and to address the needs of our citizens.

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Procedure change after 1st grader tries to walk off TES campus

By Carrie A. Mizell
A first grade student at Trenton Elementary School slipped out the front door of the main office and walked almost to State Road 26 before being spotted.
The 6-year-old’s mother attended the Gilchrist County School Board meeting last week and listened intently as the incident was discussed.
Apparently the student hurt his arm and was sent by his first grade teacher to the nurse’s office, which is located inside the main office at Trenton Elementary School. A classmate walked the child to the nurse’s office. Once they arrived, the buddy was sent back to class, while the injured child received treatment. The child’s mother was called and after she spoke with the nurse and the child, it was determined that the child should return to class. The nurse sent the child back to class, but instead of walking through the main building and back to his classroom, the child turned right and walked out the front entrance doors to the school. The school receptionist had gotten up from her seat at the front desk and was putting messages inside teacher’s boxes when the child walked out. He reportedly walked down the sidewalk, through the front parking lot and was on the Greenway Trail almost to State Road 26 when he was found.

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