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City approves site plan

The Trenton City Commission approved a site plan last week for the new Walmart Express that is expected to open in Trenton in June 2015.
At just under 12,000 square feet, the Walmart Express will sell gas, grocceries, retail items and have a pharmacy.


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Breast cancer survivor calls her journey a blessing

By Carrie A. Mizell
As she lifted her shirt to show where her right breast used to be, Sherrie Jenkins called the cancer that ravaged her body a blessing.
Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 46, Mrs. Jenkins said her long, painful journey has brought peace and an attitude of thankfulness unlike anything she knew before.
Ironically, it was during Breast Cancer Awareness Month two years ago that Mrs. Jenkins felt a knot high on her right breast. She was lying in bed with her husband reading one Saturday night when she reached her hand up to scratch and felt the dense knot. She asked her husband Steve to feel the knot and he immediately said, “You need to call the doctor.”

Trenton resident Sherrie Jenkins is shown with her first
grand dog, Newman, in this July 1, 2013 photo.

Tigers celebrate Homecoming

Trenton High School Homecoming king and queen candidates are pictured back row, left to right:
Jacob Gamble, Mill Lang, Matthew George and Brooks Parrish. Front row, left to right: Kylah Dawson, Bethany Dunn, Kylie Johnson, Cherith Goold.

Trenton Middle-High School is celebrating a magical homecoming this week with a theme of “Dare to Dream”.

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Meet The Candidate
Marion C. Poitevint

Party Affiliation: Republican
Occupation: Retired
How long have you lived in Gilchrist County, and where did you move from? We have had a home here for 43 years. We moved here permanently 12 years ago from the Apopka area.
Why are you running for county commissioner? I see some needs and opportunity for the county and I know I can make a difference.
Why are you the right candidate for the job? I have years of business experience that I know would benefit the county.
What is your plan to bring more jobs to Gilchrist County? To make Gilchrist County attractive to business and pursue businesses to get them to locate here so we can increase our tax base such as more gas stations, agriculture equipment, etc.
What do you think are the most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects in the county? Graded roads are a big concern in the county. I can help.

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Meet The Candidate
John Rance Thomas

Party Affiliation: Democrat
Occupation: Farmer, Operational Vice President of Diamond 99 Inc. and L.R. Thomas Inc.
How long have you lived in Gilchrist County, and where did you move from? I was born here, married here and raised my family here in Gilchrist County.
Why are you running for County Commissioner? I love my county. I want the best for my home and yours and our children. I was elected as commissioner of District 4 in 1998 and remained in office until 2002. I was elected again in 2011, and serve to date. I have worked hard to hold this position for many years and I believe that I have made a difference and want to see positive growth for our communities in Gilchrist County.
Why are you the right candidate for the job? I have lived here since I was born. I’m a financial conservative out of necessity. I have been responsible for the management of two small businesses, family farms since 1997. This requires balancing budgets, managing people in the present and planning for the future.

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