Cracker Box raises $3,538 for Cruse

On Thursday, May 2, the Cracker Box Cafe brought a sense of family to all of Gilchrist County, by hosting a fundraiser for Tony Cruse, who is currently battling pancreatic cancer, and his family.

Aline Smith, owner of the Cracker Box is shown with Tony and Carolyn Cruse.

Staff at the Cracker Box said they were moved by how well the community came together and supported their cause.
Some customers reportedly waited nearly two hours to get in the door of the Cracker Box on Thursday, as the restaurant filled a total of 437 orders for breakfast and lunch.
Sunshine Hudson, a waitress at the Cracker Box, stated that she was “deeply touched by the community coming together to help their friend Tony. We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their day to help out.”
The Cracker Box raised $3,538.50 and a check was presented to Tony Cruse on Monday, May 6.

The Cracker Box staff. Pictured from left to right are April Hudson, Misty Seager, Sunshine Hudson, Aline Smith, Tracy Rickey, Jordan Trudell, Melissa Brown, Julie Rogers, and Betty Martin.
Not pictured are Jerry Ridgeway and Cody Pate.