Philman announces candidacy for superintendent

To the voters of Gilchrist County:
Hello, my name is Emory Philman and I am seeking the position of Superintendent of Schools for Gilchrist County, FL. I am 58 years old and come from a family with long-standing residence in and ties to Gilchrist County. I am married to Pat (Hodge) Philman who serves as the Media Specialist at Bell Elementary School. Our church is the Rock Sink Baptist Church located off Highway 349, where we have been active members for four years. I frequently perform in the community with family members of the Philman Family Band to share our faith and ties to tradition though our gospel and inspirational folk music. I am a graduate of Gainesville High School Class of 1971. I have further study through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Florida School of Massage where I earned certifications as a licensed personal trainer and massage therapist, respectively.
I have a rich and stable employment history, including having twice been a successful business owner, having been elected Gilchrist County Commissioner and public servant for four years (1988-1992), and having worked as a federal employee in the VA hospital in Gainesville for 7 years. I have recently worked in a substitute capacity as a bus driver in the Gilchrist County Public Schools where I have gained an inside perspective on the issues of importance to the school system’s support personnel.
I would like the opportunity to apply my business and management skills to the challenges facing our school system. First, I have a sound understanding of budgetary processes and fund allocation. I believe financial resources must be allocated to achieve the greatest outcomes. I am mature and responsible in my decision-making skills that are essential in making monetary decisions. I am able to lead with responsiveness from those I lead. Second, I want to be an advocate for all staff, both professional and support. I want each employee to feel appreciated and necessary to the success of our students’ achievement. If our students achieve to their highest potential, our organization succeeds. Whether in the front-line of the classroom or working to support those on the front-line, I believe each system employee should be motivated and rewarded to embrace his or her contribution to our students as individuals and our organization as a whole. Third, I have exceptional personal relations skills to serve the various constituent groups of the school system: students and their parents, school system personnel, and members of the community. Having been a local politician, I also understand and would be able to respond to the realities of political influences on our public education system.
Thank you for your consideration and support.