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Back to School

By Carrie A. Mizell
Breakfast and lunch is free at all Gilchrist County schools this year, and so far students are taking advantage.
According to Danna Tucker, director of food service for the Gilchrist County School District, more students are eating cafeteria food this year than last year. Already an average of 200 more students per day ate breakfast at Bell High School compared to last year.

Kamauree Green, Annie Joiner and Haley Funk, all students in Ms. Charlotte Kearney’s kindergarten class at Trenton Elementary School get to know each other on Monday morning over breakfast in their classroom.


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Ladewig to run for Fanning Springs mayor

My name is June Ladewig. I am a candidate for Fanning Springs mayor.
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and how I would like to serve you the people of Fanning Springs as the best option for Mayor.
I have been a resident of Florida for 15 years, I have served you as city council member, I have served as president of the Chamber of Commerce, I have experience in real estate, I have experience with HUD, I have experience in retail for twelve years, I have stayed very active with city council on a regular basis, I am a year round resident of Fanning Springs. I have the voice that is not afraid to speak up or take the challenge for the people of Fanning Springs.
I am here to serve you and to hear you. I truly believe I am the best advocate for the people of Fanning Springs. I take this responsibility very serious and with great professional pride.
I hope that you can entrust in me and give me your vote. Thank you in advance to all.
June Ladewig

Rainfall up 10 to 20 inches above normal

By Carrie A. Mizell
Over the last two years rainfall totals in Gilchrist County are 10 to 20 inches above normal, according to the executive director of the Suwannee River Water Management District.
Ann Shortelle told the Gilchrist County Commissioners on Monday that despite the increased volume of rainfall, June and July were the third driest months on record. During the month of July, rainfall in Gilchrist County was two to four inches below normal in most of Gilchrist County.
The SRWMD executive director also pointed out that streamflow conditions are very good, particularly the Santa Fe River which has flowed in the high to normal range for 175 straight days.
“That’s the longest run in a decade,” Shortelle said.
Groundwater levels in the Upper Floridian Aquifer are also in the high to normal range.

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Seniors get in FREE at Hart Springs

If you live in Gilchrist County and are over the age of 65, then you will soon be able to get in Hart Springs Park free of charge.
Senior citizens over the age of 65 who complete an application will be given free park admission to Hart Springs Park and the pool at Hart Springs.
Gilchrist County Commission Chair D. Ray Harrison, Jr. has been pushing for a change in rates at Hart Springs Park for some time in hopes that more people will use the park if the rates are reduced.
Under a new recommendation, the Gilchrist County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a price of $75 for an annual pass, and that’s up to five people. Additional person(s) can be added to the family pass for $20 each, with a total of eight per pass.
Annual passes for anyone over the age of 60 will now be $12 per person.
Hart Springs Park Manager Mitchell Gentry said on Monday that he thought the loss in revenue from the reductions would be minimal.
Ultimately, Harrison relinquished the chair to make a motion laying out the changes. Commissioner John Rance Thomas seconded the motion before all commissioners voted in favor of the motion.

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